Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Ep. 001

We Flip Flopped Our Lives – FFYL001

Welcome to Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Episode #001 The Beginning.

Join us as we embark on adventures working from anywhere we want to try to “Create a life we don’t need a vacation from”! 😎

Watch the full episode #001 The Beginning:

This is episode #1 and it kinda sucks! 🙂 We just wanted to get it out there and teach you the first lesson… Done is better than perfect! Almost no editing, just an iPhone video and we mumbled and stumbled our way through it along with an annoying pool cleaner using a blower to make us look even worse!  🙄 Surely we can do better in the future, right?

Pat Cherubini and Angie Cherubini - Marketing Coaches

We have always been able to work from anywhere but we don’t! We chose to stay close to home and raise our family. But that is changing… We are working on getting out more.

We want to teach you to do it too! While we learn from our mistakes… we hope to inspire you to get out more.

Flipped Lifestyle

Livin’ That Flipped Lifestyle 😎

Follow us and watch us struggle to get more time on the beach, in the mountains, or just a day trip to anywhere to have a little more fun… and grow our business and raise a family at the same time.

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Full Transcript:

Pat Cherubini: (00:03)
All right, we’re live. Oh, nice dude. Stupid. I don’t know how to get this to look not all bunched up, but…,

Angie Cherubini:

Pat Cherubini:
In 3,2,1…

Angie Cherubini: (00:34)
Want to make money for that next vacation to your favorite beach? Maybe you’re thinking of a part time Gig to supplement that nine to five? Maybe just maybe you want to do what we do and live the flip flop lifestyle. Join us, grab your favorite flip flops, sip your favorite beverage and learn how we have been living the dream for over 22 years. Listen to our stories and tales of our clients and friends who have flip flopped their life too.

Pat Cherubini: (01:03)
too. Awesome. Awesome. Cool.

Angie Cherubini: (01:09)
Well welcome everyone. This is what episode or one zero zero one volume one Pat Cherubini. Angie Cherubini and this is flip flop your life. It’s Flip Flop Your Life and what this is, is our very first, vlog slash podcast. We’re going to do both. We’re going to have both.

Angie Cherubini: (01:41)
I’m screwing up.

Pat Cherubini: (01:42)
Just cut it out. [Ha! I left it in to show our mistakes :]

Angie Cherubini: (01:43)
Big Time.

Pat Cherubini: (01:44)
I’m sweating. It’s not like it’s a million degrees out here or anything.

Angie Cherubini: (01:46)
Oh, I know. I know. What we’re doing is we’ve had over 22 years of experience, online experience of doing website design and marketing. Now we’re big into marketing and we’ve done it for clients for over 22 years. We have a ton of experience at doing this and it’s allowed us to live, um, the flip flop lifestyle. We’ve been able to go around and do whatever we want with our kids and

Pat Cherubini: (02:15)
But, we haven’t been doing it enough. No, we have able to, we can do whatever we want whenever we want, but we’ve made the choice…[awkward pause]

Angie Cherubini: (02:27)
Of course they’re cleaning the pool.

Pat Cherubini: (02:31)
We didn’t get up early enough.

Angie Cherubini: (02:32)
But what we wanted to do is we wanted to use this vlog to be able to let other people know that you can do the same thing too. And it doesn’t have to be for, I mean for us. It’s our full time job. It, we flipped our life over 22 years ago and we know not everybody can do that and a lot of people are scared to do that, but we can help you to be able to do it as like a supplemental income. Um, or to to take vacations like what we’re doing right now for what, four days? We’re down in Destin during the work week and we are still doing a little bit of work, but we’re having fun doing it too. And usually we have our kids with us doing this.

Pat Cherubini: (03:17)
It’s the first time that we haven’t had kids with us in 22 years, more than a night or so. So the flip flop lifestyle is kind of one of the other definitions we have is …why wait until you’re old and gray to enjoy your retirement? So now we’re trying to spread our retirement out over the next 40 years, hopefully 40 or 50 years. And take a little vacation here and there. Get paid to do it.

Angie Cherubini: (03:46)
And do it in flip flops. That’s our favorite, flip flops. That’s part of the name.

Pat Cherubini: (03:51)
Not always. And flip flops. I’m barefoot right now, which I actually prefer. Hmm, sure. I can’t be barefoot when it’s cold. Um, we do enjoy other things,

Angie Cherubini: (04:02)
But we have so many stories. This is what we want to do. Not only do we want …

Pat Cherubini: (04:06)
Take two.

So what we want to do, [laughing] there’s that damn blower!

Angie Cherubini: (04:17)
See the things that you, the things you’ve got to deal with.

Pat Cherubini: (04:19)
You got to roll with it baby!

Angie Cherubini: (04:21)
When you’re doing work on vacation. So what we want to do is, um, not only do we want to teach you how to do this as well and coach you through it with…, and we’ve been through everything. Um, we also want to bring you inspirational stories and people, other people that either they’re clients of ours or people that we know that have flipped flip flopped their life in different ways. They may not have flipped it entirely like we did in, in the work sort of thing, but they’ve done it in other ways in their health. Um, just in life in general. So we have so many stories that people normally don’t get to hear about and we’re going to bring that to you along with coaching. I think it’ll make it, I think I’ll make it fun and interesting. Okay.

Pat Cherubini: (05:10)
We each spent a lot of money in training and courses and coaching and we like to take what we’ve learned from our coaches and help you, whether it’s a side Gig or whether you turn it into running your own agency. This all can be done from a laptop on the beach. And that’s what we’re going to force ourselves to do more of because we love it and we haven’t had a chance to, but we should have made the chance. And we’re going to show you how to do it too. And we’re going to build a community of people of like minded people that like flip flops, vacations, beaches, rum drinks, boat drinks,

Angie Cherubini: (05:44)
and doing the marketing at the same time.

Pat Cherubini: (05:47)
And doing some marketing at the same time and growing a little side Gig that could be enough to pay a little

Angie Cherubini: (05:52)
You’re all on Facebook or almost, everyone’s on Facebook and Instagram and you know, we’ll teach you how to do that on social media. And it’s, it’s not that difficult. Get a couple of clients and you can do this too. Granted, this is not the view that we actually truly wanted. And we were hoping that this video would be shot with, um, a nice, like huge view of the ocean, but

Pat Cherubini: (06:17)
The Penthouse was booked.

Angie Cherubini: (06:18)
But if you’re, if you’re watching any of our stuff, if you’re following any of our stuff, you’ll see we’ve, we’ve documented, um, just one of those things that you learn.

Pat Cherubini: (06:29)
One of the benefits of, uh, running a Facebook agency or an ad agency or anything. You don’t have to be a full agency, but we use our American Express to pay with our credit card or pay off with our, we use our American Express credit card to pay for our ads, which earns us triple points, which means we stay in hotels like this for free. So we used our points for this whole, we got four nights,

Angie Cherubini: (06:53)
Hilton Sandestin,

Pat Cherubini: (06:54)
we used a bunch of points. We’ve got a bunch left. You know, we get hundreds of thousands of points and we’re gonna probably work on doing a little bit more of that, hacking the credit card system. And we’ll share that with you too.

Angie Cherubini: (07:03)
We’ll talk about that.

Pat Cherubini: (07:05)
But we’re working on getting our flights paid for.

Angie Cherubini: (07:07)
Yes. But we just wanted to introduce ourselves on this one and tell you why we did it and why we do what we do. And you know, a big reason why we do what we do is because of our children. Um, we did it from day one. We started doing this because we always wanted. And this is, you know, completely our view. But our belief is we wanted someone home to take care of the kids, to watch the kids.

Pat Cherubini: (07:32)
One of us, one of us,

Angie Cherubini: (07:34)
um, just our own personal feelings. That’s what we like and that’s what we wanted. And we knew the only way that we could do that was to start something. And that’s, it started something on our own. And that’s when we started, this is all done by The Cherubini Company or Cherubini Designs is what we started out as. And that allowed us to do this and get this going and build 22 years of experience to now be able to share with you and to help you on your journey too.

Pat Cherubini: (08:06)
Join us in the community. Flipfloptribe.com. Hit the subscribe button. Hit the like button. You do not have to already have a business. We’re going to show you some things you can do. You don’t have to go full blown. You can do bits and pieces. Um, you can have a side side Gig. This is great. First stay at home moms. Teachers that have your summers off, teachers that have your summers off.

Angie Cherubini: (08:28)
Oh yeah, perfect. Network marketers. Any Advocare people out there that just got totally screwed by Advocare’s changes. This is something that can replace that and

Angie Cherubini: (08:38)
you’re already a people person.

Pat Cherubini: (08:39)
This is actually everything we do helps local businesses. You don’t have to bug your family and friends to buy coffee that’ll help you lose weight or CBD oil or whatever the next thing you know you’re

Angie Cherubini: (08:54)
or you can help those companies sell it

Pat Cherubini: (08:57)
or you can help them sell it. So we teach marketing. It’s also we are big into the design because we were a design company. So it kind of, we encompass all digital skills are going to pay the bills in the next 20 years.

Angie Cherubini: (09:13)
Did you just come up with that?

Pat Cherubini: (09:14)
I’m pretty awesome.

Angie Cherubini: (09:15)
I like it.

Pat Cherubini: (09:16)
So I think we rambled a little bit but I bet we get a little bit better.

Angie Cherubini: (09:20)
This is perfect because

Pat Cherubini: (09:21)
you got to suck at first.

Angie Cherubini: (09:22)
Yeah. And this way, I mean you had to get to know us and why we, why we’re doing this, why we called it flip flop your life. Um, and the logo actually this is the logo and it kind of when I did our logo and um, wouldn’t you say it’s kind of the same kind of looks

Pat Cherubini: (09:49)
Same feel

Angie Cherubini: (09:50)
yeah, we’ve got our surf board our surf board flip flops. We had had to have flip flops. So same kind of look and feel.

Pat Cherubini: (09:58)
So I am baking out here. The Florida Sun is beating down on this Ohio bald head

Angie Cherubini: (10:04)
I think it’s time for us to go get Bad Ass Coffee

Pat Cherubini: (10:08)
We’re gonna go get some bad Ass Coffee. We have to finish up today

Angie Cherubini: (10:11)
From the Bad Ass Coffee store.

Pat Cherubini: (10:12)
We don’t know. We don’t know what we’re going to do. We’re just going to have fun, enjoy our time and flip flops, and then we head out at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning, which means we got to leave this hotel at 5:30 or six.

Angie Cherubini: (10:24)
Be Looking for, I’ll be doing some interviews with, um, some people here this month. Not here in Destin, I wish, but, um, some previous clients.

Pat Cherubini: (10:36)
Comment below. What do you want us to teach you?

Angie Cherubini: (10:37)
Yeah. What do you want to know?

Pat Cherubini: (10:38)
We’ve been doing this for 22 years. We know we’re not masters, we’re not gurus, but we know a lot about a lot, and it’s like digital.

Angie Cherubini: (10:45)
I did things wrong and learned

Pat Cherubini: (10:46)
and we’re willing to share it. So help you out. Help us out. Spread the word. Join the group, flipfloptribe.com

Both: (10:57)
and later beaches!

Pat Cherubini: (11:01)
Oh my God,

Angie Cherubini: (11:02)
we did it. Okay.

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Angie Cherubini (16)

Co-Founder of Flip Flop Your Life, wife, mom, CrossFit junky, lifelong entrepreneur. I am here to help you start or grow your business...in my flip flops of course! 😃

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