Shannon Mattern and Angie Cherubini

Shannon Mattern Website Designer & Podcast Queen! – FFYL007 will definitely be a friend for life!  We have so much in common due to our passions for helping others in small business it is scary!!!  Even though I have been designing longer, we both have experienced the same trials and tribulations helping people with websites.
Shannon has taken what she has learned and gone one step further by doing podcasts…A LOT OF THEM!  She has over 250 episodes that range in topics for helping people who want to either start their own business for their main income or for side hustles.  Trust me that there is something for everyone in her library!

She’s so cool and I hope you love to listen or watch her too!
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Angie Cherubini (16)

Co-Founder of Flip Flop Your Life, wife, mom, CrossFit junky, lifelong entrepreneur. I am here to help you start or grow your my flip flops of course! 😃

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