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“That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs

This is single handedly one of our faults as 22 year entrepreneurs: we have not focused on one thing or service. We are changing our ways! We are working on simplicity in our work which is allowing us to be focused.
Getting to our destination needs to be simple too and here are a few tips for ya!

REMEMBER THIS:   Backpacks = Simple. Luggage = Complex
Yep, that is how we traveled to Destin this time….with only backpacks.  Wow is that the way to go!!!!  With a few simple packing essentials you can do it too!

  1. Get a wide bottom travel kit.  I have used a few different ones and found I could cram in a ton more if it has a wide bottom!  If you like to use shampoo and conditioner try a brand that is a combo.  This will save you space in the travel kit!  If you use face wash get the wipes instead of a liquid…another space saver!  If you like to use a perfume or body spray get a travel roll on size.  It is the perfect amount and should be all you need.
  2. SPACE BAGS!  Have you used them?  If you haven’t…you should!  They make 2 kinds: one that requires a sweeper to get the air out and the other you just roll them up.  There is a hole at one end that allows the air to be pushed out.  Since most of us do not travel with a sweeper nor do we want to even see one on vacation, the roll up space bag is the way to go!  I usually roll up my clothes first and place them in the space bag so things don’t get wrinkly!
  3. Clothing choices need to be specific.  I am horrible with this but I was better this last time.  If you have a plan of what you are doing when you are there, figure out your outfits ahead of time.
  4. Again if you are a woman and you like multiple swimsuits…buy mix and match.  Saves $$$ and save space!
  5. Organize cords like chargers and headphones in a separate see through travel container (ie: kinda like the travel kit).  Makes it easy to whip it out during TSA checkpoints.  I usually put any of my plugs for the cords in there too.
  6. If you are a woman put your makeup in a see through travel container.  Decide before you go what are your essentials.  Maybe waterproof mascara, travel size eye brow pencil (because I am older and my eyebrows are too thin), an eyeshadow compact and a favorite lipstick is all you need.  I tend to overpack in this area…you are going to the beach…you don’t need makeup!
  7. Again, if you are a woman and like your hair either straight or curly trying using an iron that does both vs. taking two different ones.  If you are going somewhere really remote you may not even need them anyway!  Find out ahead of time if they have hairdryers in the room.  That is a huge space saver!
  8. YOUR FAVORITE FLIP FLOPS!  Here too I can over do it.  I have learned to pack 3 pairs: 1 for the beach, 1 tan color and 1 black pair.  Covers all outfits and they are easy to pack!
  9. Wear your workout shoes, hat and your sweatshirt to your destination!  If you are not a movie star and it doesn’t really matter how you look when you get there, where the heavier clothes that can be striped off!  The airport is usually cold and sometimes so is the plane.  I always wear a zip up sweatshirt tied around my waist.   I love hats as you will see in my posts and pictures and I wear them to save me time!  Just be prepared they might ask you to take it off during the security check.  We are avid CrossFitters so we usually like to focus on exercise or outdoor activities so having our favorite shoes is a must.   They take up way too much space in our backpack too so we wear them!
  10. Get a backpack with a laptop/Ipad sleeve built in.   This makes it so much easier to be able to pull that sucker out when going through TSA.
  11. Speaking of an Ipad, this is a wonderful tool for entrepreneurs!  It packs light and I can use it to take my notes, take pictures and even edit them!  I LOVE my Ipad!
  12. I have used both backpacks featured in our picture from Nobull and Hylete.  It’s a CrossFit thing people!  Don’t judge!  The black one is full of all kinds of pockets for travel and the military green one zips open completely to one big compartment.  I prefer the military green one.  It’s just not as bulky.  I can get the same amount in this one vs. the black one.  I like not having a ton of different pockets that I can forget things in or in our case one year, we had a knife for cutting our limes in it!!!!  Almost forgot it was in there and holy cow would that have been an interesting TSA experience!!!!  So, simplicity in your backpack design is key!
  13. You can use the bathroom and not have to take off your backpack!  I hate putting my backpack anywhere on the floor at the airport and especially in the bathroom or on a shelf in there.  Keep it on!  Just make sure you have good balance!  If you don’t have balance maybe you need CrossFit!
  14. When you purchase your seats on the plane pick the front.  This tip is probably the most important tip of them all.  Why you say?  Well, when you dart off of that plane with your backpack on or over your shoulder, your first place to go is the line for your rental car.  You can avoid the line if you are in the front of the plane!  Whoop whoop!

Well I think this should do it for tips to making your travel easier.
As we say on the flip side: “keep it stupid simple!”

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