September 11, 2019

Kim Labora Life Motivator and CrossFit Coach

Angie Cherubini |

I knew when I started doing my interviews I wanted to highlight Kim.  In one year she has made such an impact on me and so many people I know in CrossFit it is amazing and so worth discussing.  Yes, this episode is dedicated to CrossFit.  Kim embodies everything I love about it.  Most people think it’s a cult full of muscular beastly people who are freaks of nature.  They think that you have to be completely in shape to even set foot in the door.  Well, Kim and I are here to tell you that is far from least at our home CrossFit Torsion.  
Kim herself has transformed or flip flopped her life and CrossFit has become a huge part of it. I think you will enjoy listening to her life story.  Sit back, relax and enjoy how Kim has created her best life for now.....I see her doing more great things in years to come!

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