Please excuse our mess.  We are building something that we think will be AWESOME!

Ever wish you had access to someone that has built online businesses?  Your own marketing consultant on retainer?  How about two?  🙂

Wish you knew someone that could teach you how to start a new online business?
Or build up your current one?
Or even grow your brick and mortar or local business?

What if you had a new kind of “social network” that included other business owners that you became great friends with?  Friends that supported you and shared new ideas to grow your business?  And you did the same for them?

What if this network didn’t have any b.s. that the other social media networks have?  No negativity allowed!

What if you had access to super simple online courses that taught you how to do just about anything “business” online?  So simple YOUR MOM could do it.

Things like:

Facebook Ads?
Google Ads?
Email Marketing?
Text Marketing?
Review Marketing?
YouTube Ads?
Marketing Automation?

What if you could learn how to do all of the above for other businesses and get very well paid to do it?

What if it even had a sales pipeline to track and grow your prospecting, leads, and sales conversations?

What if you had an AGENCY GRADE dashboard that could build and control ALL OF THAT?  INCLUDED!

Imagine if it had ONGOING SUPPORT.  Constant updates on the next hot thing.  Forever friendships inside the network.

What if it flipped your life around and allowed you to spend more time with your family?  More vacations?  More time to do what you want?  It could even kill your 9 to 5 if you wanted…  All while your business makes MORE.

Finally… what if all of that costs WAY LESS than you think?

We are calling this membership… THE TRIBE.

The Tribe will be launching very soon (projected Oct.1, 2020) and we are looking for 10 more beta testers and founding members.

If that is you just comment below and say “I’m in!” and we’ll reach out.

See you inside The Tribe.

Flip Flop Your Life with Pat and Angie Cherubini


Our passion project:

To build a life you don’t need a vacation from. 🙌

Using the power of The Internet, it has never been easier to earn a passive income online, start a new business, or even grow a business empire from anywhere in the world.

Even while on vacation at the beach! 🏖

It no longer requires a $100,000 college degree, a charismatic personality, or even dozens of years of experience working your way up the corporate ladder.

It’s actually a simple matter when you break it down into simple steps.

Knowing those steps is the hard part.

Even if you’ve never even had your own business or side gig, it’s probably because you’ve never been given the information or support to succeed.

Here’s the first secret… the “dot com secrets” aren’t really that secret.

Our bosses want us to believe they are. They like to make us feel stupid so they keep us chained to their desks at a soul-sucking job.

This is why we say… Flip Flop Your Life!

🌴 They live to work… we work to live!

🌴 They have a boss telling them how to live their lives… we are the bosses of our own lives!

🌴 They have to clock into their 9 to 5… we have the freedom to set our own schedule!

🌴 They work in cubicles, offices, and factories… we can work from a laptop or phone, anywhere in the world!

🌴 They work hard… we work smart!

🌴 They sit in traffic… we just go to the local cafe, beach, pool, ski lodge, or mountain chalet, or even our living rooms and pop open our laptop to start work!

🌴 They slave away for 60 years just to find out they don’t have the time, energy, or money to do what they dreamed of… we are living our dreams every day!

🌴 They get paid for hours worked… we get paid for results!

🌴 They talk about someday… we make every day someday.

Your friends, family, and college advisors say it’s “impossible”?

They’re right!

That word itself says… “I’m possible”! And so are YOU! 👊💪

It’s just a matter of learning a few simple digital skills.

Getting the right support and guidance.

Finding a wifi connection near the water.

Then building a life that DOESN’T include
or months and months without vacations.

Even if social media or “tech” confuses you instead of excites you, take a deep breath…


Picture yourself inside a Zac Brown song…

🎼🎤 “toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in your hand. Life is good today, life is good today”.

We are about to show you the secrets to the good life and make things so simple even a grandma could do it.

In fact, we like to “keep it stupid simple” (K.I.S.S.)

We even flip flopped that because we know we are not stupid.

Why waste time on things that don’t matter, right? Ever!

With these simple steps, together, we can start to earn extra income, kill our 9 to 5, enjoy our families now instead of waiting until we’re old and gray, and most importantly…


Won’t you join us?

If you want to flip flop your life, jump in!


Pat and Angie Cherubini

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Learn How To Make Money Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how some people do it? How they seem to find ways to pull in more income when they want it? That’s me!

With the help of my right hand man, my rock, my one and only hubby Pat…(aka Coach Bini) we will help you have the work from “somewhere/anywhere lifestyle too!

Work Somewhere or Anywhere!

We will show you how you too can work from anywhere in the world! Your somewhere can be home too! Our latest stop…Destin Florida!

Inspirational Stories

Oh the stories we can tell you over the last 22 years! From clients to friends to coaches…you won’t want to miss these!

Food, Nutrition & CrossFit Talk

These go hand in hand and are a BIG part of our life now. Build your best life! It’s not hard…just takes a willingness to change!

We are constantly building a life we don’t need a vacation from!

It’s our new moto.
It’s how we strive to live as a family.
Now we want to help others do the same.

Our Story

We’ve spent over 22 years building a family, life and business we love! We couldn’t have done it without our family and wouldn’t you know it…they are doing it too! Family CAN work together and build a healthy and happy lifestyle that doesn’t have to fit the 9 to 5 norm! Watch our video to hear our reasons why we started.
Pat and Angie

Flip Flop TV

I can’t wait to share my stories of my friends, clients and mentors!  I hope you find something meaningful when listening or watching!
Remember, live your life you don’t need a vacation from!

About Angie & Pat

Professional Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

We’ve spent over 22 years building a family, life and business we love! We couldn’t have done it without our family and wouldn’t you know it…they are doing it too! Family CAN work together and build a healthy and happy lifestyle that doesn’t have to fit the 9 to 5 norm!

We do this everyday and it’s time to share!