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Living the Backpack Entrepreneur AKA Flip Flop Lifestyle

  “That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs This is single handedly one of... Read more

Cristen Walker – Coach and Comeback Queen! – FFYL009 Hi everybody. It's Angie with flip flop your life. And this is my 9th episode and today I have Kristen Walker with me and she is a friend, a coach, and a mentor. And yes, she's a coach at CrossFit. And I say it like that because I've done nine interviews and probably what... Read more

Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Ep. 008 Angie Cherubini with Kristin Ream

Kristin Ream Talks Trek Brewery Life! – FFYL008 Are you ready? So ready. Ready as I'll ever be. All right. Okay. Hi everybody. It's Angie from flip flop your life. And I know that it's been way too long since my last one and I apologize, but I promise you this one's going to be worth it. We've rescheduled, I dunno a... Read more

Shannon Mattern and Angie Cherubini

Shannon Mattern Website Designer & Podcast Queen! – FFYL007

  Shannon will definitely be a friend for life!  We have so much in common due to our passions for helping others in small business it is scary!!!  Even though I have been designing longer, we both have experienced the same trials and tribulations helping people with websites. Shannon has taken what she has learned... Read more

Alyssa Lower and Angie Cherubini

Alyssa Lower The Donut Diva – FFYL006

Did someone say donuts?... Healthy donuts? You may not have heard but there’s this young entrepreneur in town that has a great thing going in the donut world.  I guarantee you she will be a household name for donuts within a year.  Alyssa Lower of Alyssa's Healthy Donuts is a young and inspiring business owner... Read more

Kim Labora and Angie Cherubini

Kim Labora Life Motivator and CrossFit Coach – FFYL005

  I knew when I started doing my interviews I wanted to highlight Kim.  In one year she has made such an impact on me and so many people I know in CrossFit it is amazing and so worth discussing.  Yes, this episode is dedicated to CrossFit.  Kim embodies everything I love about it.  Most... Read more

Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Ep 004 with Malena Miller

Malena Miller Goes From Amish to Entrepreneur – FFYL004

For the past 3 years I have watched my friend and CrossFit swolemate go from a shy young wife and mother of 2 to a vibrant, bold and beautiful woman and small business owner. Her upbringing has always intrigued me and how she has overcome the obstacles of leaving the Amish community and settling in... Read more

Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Ep. 002 April Mealick

April Mealick From Teacher to BeachBody Coach – FFYL002

Welcome to Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Episode #002 with my friend April Mealick former teacher now BeachBody coach. Watch the full episode #002: It took me a while to decide on who I really wanted as my first interview for my podcast since I have been influenced by so many people over the past 22 years in... Read more

Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Ep. 001

We Flip Flopped Our Lives – FFYL001

  Welcome to Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Episode #001 The Beginning. Join us as we embark on adventures working from anywhere we want trying to "Create a life we don't need a vacations from"! 😎 Watch the full episode #001 The Beginning:   This is episode #1 and it kinda sucks! 🙂 We just wanted to get it out... Read more