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Abbey McGuire From Behind The Desk To Softball Entrepreneur – FFYL 003

https://youtu.be/K3BW0iWv3sYWelcome to Flip Flop Your Life Podcast Episode #003 with my friend and fellow CrossFitter Abbey McGuire. For over 3 years I have watched her move from working for someone else to having her very own business doing just the thing she loves most besides her adorable husband Mac or working out with little old me at 9am..coach softball! Now she has a facility all her own…a true entrepreneur! Proof yet again our young people in this world CAN chase their dreams and make them happen. Listen to Abbey’s story and if you are local like me in Central Ohio she has a great thing going here. You have to be able to relate and understand young girls in order to coach them…it’s that simple. Girls are different and I believe Abbey has a way with all of them not only in the sport they share a love for but in learning life lessons too.
Abbey’s facility is open to girls who want training in softball. You can find more information on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/prostylesoftball/

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Angie: 00:04
Hi, it’s Angie from flip flop your life. And this is my second interview. Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I did the first one till now, but I’m getting better. And I have today Abby McGuire. She’s actually a friend of mine and fellow CrossFitter, which you all know if you watched the first one. I do love CrossFit. We love it. Yes. And she is also an entrepreneur and very new one. Yeah. How long? It’s April. Okay. So, yeah. And the reason why I wanted to interview you was I knew and I knew a long time ago I wanted to do it when, when you started the business was because Abbey is a lot younger than me, but I think she can, I think you can relate to a lot of people your age that I think a lot of people don’t think that they can start their own business and become an entrepreneur.
Angie: 01:18
And, and I can’t say that word, so yeah, you can laugh at me, but I can’t say that word. But I think they think when they come out of college that they have to all of a sudden do this desk job and not follow their dreams. And I think you did, you did go to a desk job. I did. I did. And then you did do something that you love and I think your story can definitely be something that a lot of people can relate to them, especially your age. Not In my age, but I think you can relate to a lot of those younger people. So of course my iPad goes down. What I want to do first is why don’t you, why don’t you tell us or tell them about yourself personally and professionally?
Abbey: 02:06
Okay. So I am a softball pitching instructor and cell phone business owner. I played softball in high school all through college and then I actually, after college I went and got my first desk job, hated it, hated it. I worked for nine months and then I got the opportunity to go playing cell phone, Belgium.
Angie: 02:28
I didn’t even know that I that. So
Abbey: 02:31
For three months, all summer long I got to, I left and it was like no questions asked. Like they all, they contacted me and I was like absolutely put my two weeks in. Actually it wasn’t even a full two weeks because they wanted me to leave like within like a week and a half. So I left and no worries at all. My now husband, we were only together for like a month and then I just left for three months. Yeah. So I’m played over there and then I got invited to come back unfortunately, which I’m hoping to help change this, but professional softball doesn’t get paid like professional baseball. So hopefully one day that changes. But I decided to come back and just coach full time. And how long did you play? I played for three months there and then I got invited back but I just, it wasn’t worth the money that, you know, living over there and everything.
Abbey: 03:19
So then I came back and I started doing pitching lessons but also working at another desk job because I didn’t think that I could do it just just with softball because my clientele wasn’t that big at the time. So it was that here in Newark? Yes. Yeah. And at the time it was like I did some lessons outside. I did some at a couple different baseball facilities and then it started, my clientele started to pick up and I was working at my Venn job for three years and I then had, I was making enough money to where if I didn’t have that best job that I was at, that I could still pay my bills and manage it. So I took a leap of faith and here I am. So that was two and a half, no, three years ago now. Yeah. That’s awesome.
Abbey: 04:08
Why don’t you tell us how you have impacted or help others? So I have the girls right already worked with let’s see. One of my girls she is about to be a junior in high school. I’ve had her since she was nine years old. So I’ve got to watch her grow all through, you know, starting out softball pitching. Cause it’s, you start pitching at nine, 10 years old. Yeah. And then now she’s a junior, but going into her junior year, which is insane to me to watch them grow like that. And then, but no, I’ve got ages eight to 19 or 20. I can, I have a college girl. I can’t, I don’t remember if she’s 19 or 20. So I’ve worked with all of those girls. I’ve watched girls start off as real shy, not talking to me, couldn’t tell me anything at all because they were so shy to now being these outgoing girls that have confidence in our pitching. Well that’s awesome. Sounds like you’re changing them in not only their sport but really in life. And that’s what I want. I want to be able to do that for them.
Abbey: 05:13
In terms of flip flopping your life, which is basically how he got the name, that’s what we’ve all done. When would you say yours really flipped? Well, two different times. I’d say when I did quit my full time job to just do softball, which I was still doing it at a baseball facility. When I did quit, that would be the number one thing to realize. That’s my full time job. That’s how I’m making all my income, not that security of my other job knowing, you know, I got insurance and everything which I do through my husband now. And then also in April when I got into here and big flip big, big time because now I’ve go to rent a spot. I didn’t pay the, you know, for the whole building and everything. I pay rent and utilities here. Now I’ve got big bills aside from my home.
Abbey: 06:02
Yeah. So yeah, I’m having the responsibility of all this. I love it. What are your goals and your aspirations for, for here, for going forward? So I want to, I do have two hitting instructors and a strength and conditioning coach and I want to get those all three coaches as busy as I am. I’m busy year round. I’ve created that clientele since I’ve been doing it for years, but I want them to be as busy so that we can grow the softball community. I don’t want to just be a pitch. People come here just for pitching lessons. Now I want them to come, I want my girls to come, just hang out cause they have a safe place and this is their comfort zone, you know, somewhere fun. And then I do want to eventually spread my wings out to other sports, being able to use our facility to train for strength and conditioning type.
Angie: 06:51
Cool. if you could wear flip flops anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Abbey: 06:57
Oh Gosh. Well I’ve been many, many places in the world, especially playing overseas, but Hawaii, I always, always wanted to go there. Oh yeah. I just don’t want to do the plane flight. Ah. But I flown to Europe several times, so.
Angie: 07:19
So how do, how do people get ahold of you if, if they want, you know, to get their kids involved and come to this?
Abbey: 07:29
It’s a local, it’s in Newark, Ohio. Yes. I have an Instagram account. It’s called personnel softball. And then I also have a Facebook page. It seems that the Instagram accounts more for the girls because they liked to interact through that. It’s kind of the younger crowd. And then more parents will reach out to me via Facebook and I try to put out as much information as possible. Perfect. Well, that’ll do it for our second interview. Thank you, ma’am. Thank you.
Angie: 07:59
Like I always say, definitely live a life that you don’t need a vacation from!

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